Professor Spector has spent years reading, researching, travelling and concocting — all to be able to bring you the perfect cocktails and spirits flights. From the archives to the bleeding edge, The Professor is your advisor. As you savor her recommendations, you can rest assured that they are historically sound, philosophically deep, and remotely sourced. Whether you’re in the mood for wine, women and song or whisky, men and metal, The Professor is in.


Offerings range from vertical tastings within one brand to tastings across spirit type, to classes that incorporate principles of mixology — culminating in a cocktail. Whether you want to have a hand in the design of a bespoke tasting or have all the details taken care of, Dr. Spector will work with you to plan the perfect event for your group.


As a philosopher, historian, and specialist in the culture of drink. Dr. Spector has lectured internationally on ethics, history, and the sex industry. She currently teaches about the culture of drink at Yale University, and gives private seminars tailored to clients’ interests. Topics range from overviews of the categories of spirits to talks about art and alcohol. Her seminars are interactive, informative and fun.


Training bar and restaurant staff in spirits and liqueurs is important for establishments with premier bar programs. Dr. Spector provides clear, fast, and fun training for staff, enabling them to make and sell better drinks.