Whether you're already a connoisseur or are new to spirits and cocktails, there's always something fun to learn. The Academy Drinks is unique in approach: offering tastings and presentations for expert and novice together that combine the sensory with the historical. When you’re looking to learn more about classic cocktails, be inspired by vintage innovations, or want to experience couture mixology or whisk(e)y tasting tailored for a specific theme or cuisine, The Professor Is In. Email for more information.



Dr. Jessica Spector is a philosopher, historian, and spirits and cocktail specialist whose work ranges over ethics, history, the sex industry, and the culture of drink. She holds an MA and PhD from the University of Chicago and two separate whisky academy certifications. She founded The Academy Drinks as a division of The Academy specifically devoted to research and writing about cocktails and spirits, and education and training in alcohol literacy. She has a particular interest in areas society considers taboo, and the people whose stories are untold because of that. Currently, she is teaching about alcohol history and ethics at Yale University. Her most recent writing is a book on cocktails.